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23 July 2024
Special limited time offer: Receive 5% cash commission when you refer a guest.

Expires: 15 September 2008.

Is it simple? Yes, this is a very simple way for anyone to earn money.

How does it work? Here is an example: John knows that his friend Martin is looking for a great vacation destination. John sees this website, and suggests Martin to stay at Apartments Gasparovic. Martin takes his advice, and stays in Apartment for five days, at 60 per day. After that, we send John 15 (5% of the total base cost).


  1. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  2. Cannot be applied to past visits.
  3. The 5% commission applies only to Base Price (before tax). See rates. Does not apply to breakfast, A/C, or other optional services.

Frequently asked questions:

How will you know when I refer a guest? If this is your first referral, contact us, and we shall send you a form for you to fill (your contact info). Then let the guest bring the filled form, and present it to us. This filled form is for us a proof of referral.

When will I get the money? The commission money will be sent in September 2008. Commissions from multiple referrals shall be combined.

How many guests can I refer? There is no limit on the number of referred guests.

Do I need to be a travel agent to participate? No. Anyone can participate, regardless of occupation, age, country of residence, etc. You could be a student, agent, or self-employed; you could be living in Sukosan, New York, or Shanghai; all will earn the same commission.

I am a travel agent. Do I still need the referral form? No. If you are a travel agent, please contact us.

I am your former guest, and would like to refer a friend. Do I need the referral form? No, just send us an email.

Can I refer myself? Sorry, no.

Do I need to know the person that I refer? No, referrals need not be personal. Make sure, however, that guests bring with them the form with your contact info. The filled form is a proof of referral.

How do I know that you received my referral form? We shall contact you after receiving the referral form.

What happens if the guest does not present the referral form? As long as the guests confirm―during their stay―that you referred them, we shall honor the referral.

Still have questions? Let us know.

(Program code: AG06.)

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